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Latest Update: April 27th, 2018 v. 1.30

  1. New Features
    1. New quest for level 75+
    2. New 125+ instant with two bosses, to be introduced via an event
      1. New rares and psychorares
    3. New event management tools
  1. Changes
    1. Nerfed Ivrabul mobs
    2. Players receive 50% more experience for defeating Ivravul
    3. Fixes to Vorling Event
    4. Modifications to selecting instance when leaving guild (if entered from an instant)
    5. Positive health gain numbers in combat have been changed to green to differ from losing health (red)
    6. Improvements in commands system

Prior Updates

Fixing Common Problems After Updates

Sometimes players encounter trouble with game after an update. This usually occurs because your browser stores cache files and cookies that are older than the version of the game. If you are encountering a problem and are not sure if it is a result of your browser or server end, open Taern in an incognito tab, or in a browser in which you have not previously logged into Taern. If the problem continues there is likely a bug.

Common problems following the February 14th Update include:

  • Error with Valentine's Day items being undefined and resulting in a NaN inventory. Players can not drop undefined items and cannot trade while their inventory is NaN.
  • New portals on maps would sometimes cause Shockwave to crash on Google Chrome.
  • Shockwave plugin would freeze inside the Vries Estate when players click certain locations
  • Shockwave plugin randomly freezes when loading the Vries Estate map
  • Frequent disconnects

If you experienced or continue to experience these problems please follow these steps:

  1. Clear your browser's cache, data, and cookies. Restart the browser before loading Taern again.
  2. If problems persist, select all content options when clearing data, and restart the browser.
  3. This should fix all problems, but if you still encounter problems, try playing from another browser or incognito tab.
  4. Contact support if your inventory and items are glitched and none of the above options have helped.

It is wise to clear your browser's cache following every server update to avoid problems occurring.

Updates and information pertaining to changes can be found in the news tab in game.

If you are experiencing trouble with suspicious links in all chats and cannot load news or filter, please read this.

- this problem commonly occurs when your browser mishandles XML content and is not a fault of the game itself. You may need to update your browser, or if the problem occurred following an update, downgrade to the last stable version. - this problem will occur on other webpages. If updated and downgrading does not solve the issue you may not to reinstall the browser to fix browser-related bugs. - send an error report to the browser support webpage. We do not control the speed or effectiveness of their support team, however, and can only advise you on the best way to solve this issue.

As always if you have any trouble accessing or playing Taern regardless of an update occurring or not, feel free to contact our support or ask a moderator for help!

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