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Even the strongest warriors don't stand a chance against a horde of peasants, that is why it is important not to walk alone through world, but face adversity together with companions. Everybody knows that there is safety in numbers, your guild will help to protect one another.

How to create a guild?

Guild's creation

To create a guild you need to have reached at least level 30. You can then go to Vieland in Castle's Neighborhood and acquire from him a Guild contract. With this item we can go to one of three NPCs in order to start guild under their protection, they will offer a quest for you to complete before they do this for you:

After finishing the appropriate quest we can finally create our guild by paying 600,000 gold, or 200,000 gold and 200 platinium.

How to join a guild?

Trumpets icon

To apply to join a guild you should write a message in News-Drafts (scroll icon at the top of the screen beside your mail), or post in the forum under the appropriate section. Engaging a new member costs 20,000 gold. If you receive an invitation then a small trumpets icon (example to the right) will show at the top of your screen, you have to click on this to accept or reject the offer. You can not be in two different guilds at the same time.

Pros and cons of being in a guild


  • New chat channel for guild members (visible only to a guild's members).
  • Purchase of pieces of land and the ability to construct buildings that can give many bonuses such as:
    • Access to guild's pets.
    • Teleportation to and from the guild.
    • Stats and Skills bonuses.


  • Other guilds can attack you on yellow fields, provided you have changed your guild to aggressive mode and you are involved in a war with them.
  • Development of a guild is very expensive and takes lots of time.

Prestige and Honor


Gaining prestige is the most important task for every guild. Each guild member collects his or her individual prestige and it is summed with the prestige of other members to give the guild's prestige. This is the factor responsible for placement in the guild rankings and allows development of the guild's buildings.

Methods of gaining prestige:

  • Some Tasks yield prestige.
  • Killing bosses.
  • Getting Rare, Set and Epic drops.
  • Killing members of hostile guilds (those you are at war with).
  • Gaining levels.

WARNING! After reaching a high amount of guild prestige, the prestige awarded for tasks, quests, bosses and rares is minimal or non-existant.

Methods of losing prestige:

  • Dying in guild wars.

Influences on the gain/loss of prestige:

  • The total prestige in the guild - after exceeding 12,000 prestige acquired through peaceful methods income from these methods will slow (does not affect the prestige for killing enemies).
  • The prestige of the enemy guild - if the enemy guild has less than 75% of your guild's prestige then you will gain less prestige by killing it's members
  • Honor - negative honor can reduce the prestige you gain, positive can result in a bonus.


Honor defines the nature of the guild, and describes the way it wages war with other guilds. This can be used as a great excuse for a war. Negative values may reduce prestige gains and positive values increase them.

Methods of gaining honor:

  • Attacking enemy guild members, where the sum of levels in the hostile team is not significantly different from the sum of levels of your team, or where their levels are higher than yours.

Methods of losing honor:

  • Attacking enemy guild members, where the sum of levels in the hostile team is much lower than that of yours.

Guild Management

Guild Panel

In order to view your guild or that of another player you can search for a particular guild in the guild rankings (can be reached through the small trophy icon at the top of the screen), or you can click on the name of the guild shown when viewing another player or team. In this view of the guild you will find:

  • News - Here you will find the guild board, the store of raw materials, and a list of wars and alliances with other guilds.
  • Team - You'll find here a list of guild members and their ranks, prestige, honor, class and level. This is also where new people can be added to the guild.
  • Forum - Members of the guild can add information that they want to share with others - only available to members of the guild.
  • Board - Here the guild leaders can post information available only to members of the guild.
  • History - This is a list of any changes in the guild. This list is divided into wars, donations, team and buildings.

Wars and Alliances

Guild mode - A guild can set peaceful or aggressive mode. In peaceful mode no wars can be declared by or on the guild. Guilds with aggressive mode can engage in wars, but only with other guilds that are in aggressive mode.

Status is set in the guild panel under News by clicking the green flag (if changing from peaceful to aggressive), or a skull with red flags (if changing from aggressive to peaceful). It takes 3 days for the status change to take effect.

War- War is an effective way of gaining prestige, because negative modifiers for the total prestige already held by the guild do not apply here. Starting a war with other guilds allows us to attack their members on the yellow fields and their 48-hour protection does not apply (it is reduced to 5 minutes). Opponents can attack immediately after the declaration of war, but a counterattack under the rules of guild war can only occur when the declaration of war has been reciprocated. There are no centrally set victory conditions or timelimits to a war. Such things guilds agree between themselves.

To declare war you must have a minimum of 2,000 prestige in your guild, and pay 20,000 gold. The war can be started by going into another guild's panel, clicking News and the crossed swords icon, and then completing the declaration form to declare war.

Alliance- it's always nice to have strong alliances, to effectively deter potential aggressors. Alliances can contain any number of guilds and they can be started at any time.

An alliance can be started by going into another guild's panel, clicking News and the handhsake icon, and then completing the declaration form to declare an alliance.


Allows you to determine the status of a player's rank within the guild, and to share special bonuses between members.

  • Chancellor - can be only one in a guild. If the chancellor wishes to resign this rank then they must change their own rank (the chancellor rank will be passed on automatically to one of the strategists).
  • Strategist - have some of the chancellor's privileges. They can change other member's ranks (except for the chancellor), set who will get how many bonuses from guild buildings etc.
  • General
  • Captain
  • Tactician
  • Commander
  • Legionnaire
  • Soldier
  • Cadet
  • Aspirant

Guild Headquarters

After a guild has been created it can be strengthened and expanded, but to do this it must first purchase a piece of land:

  • The guild must have 20,000 prestige and 10,000,000 gold, or 5,000,000 gold and 1,000 platinum.
  • You need to go to one of the Escorts - near the Arena in Trentis, the Inn in Southern Alaril, Kemenak in Kholds' Town or Guard Post in Dmorther Garrison.
  • Choose an available plot of land on of the maps.

When you enter the overview of your headquarters, you will see that it is quite empty in the beginning, this is why you will have to start constructing buildings. Land once purchased becomes the permanent property of the guild, and it cannot be taken by any means.

Raw materials for building

There are a variety of raw materials that can be acquired in many ways, each of these ways has a certain level of difficulty associated with it. Methods that are more difficult and require players with higher levels are more efficient, but often came with increased risks, so the safest way is to do these as members of a team with your guildmates.

* Stated level as a suggestion only.

Guild Buildings

On land purchased by the guild the construction of guild buildings is possible. Each of these has specific purposes but all are designed to improve the quality of the game for guild members. Whilst on guild land you can safely move the cursor anywhere, moving the cursor over a spot where you can place a building will show a preview image of it. Before constructing the building you must have an adequate amount of prestige, gold, and raw materials. Possession of platinum in the guild vault is very useful as construction time of buildings can be reduced by 50% and the cost of raw materials by 30% if platinum is used to start the building.

Upgrading buildings

Although the first level of the buildings seem to be fascinating, their improved versions may provide us a lot more fun, new features and the most important, makes life easier.

  • To upgrade the building you must have adequate resources, gold, the prestige, and Keep's level.
  • When we fulfill all the conditions or whether you want to check what they are, move the cursor to the selected building, at the base of the building you will see the icon "U" and 8 squares.
  • Click on it and a building window pops up. Next it is simple, and after passing the time required for the construction, we can enjoy a upgrated building. Remember, that your prestige level must stay on appropriate level.

Guild Pets

Guild pets can be bought in Cages, to do this you must have an appropriate level of the building, character level and money. Also ensure that the authorized member of the guild has given you the ability to buy such a pet. Each pet needs to be bought for player's private resources, it may be used only by him. We are buying him once, and one player can have only one Pet of a particular type. In the case of pet's death, he returns to the cage, where he is recovering for 4 hours. If you leave your guild, pet is taken from you and returned only if you re-attach to some guild (must be taken into the cage if there is space).

As of update 1.24, several changes were made regarding time pets take to heal.

  • Death in combat is a 4 hour wait
  • Death by starvation is a 24 hour wait
  • Death from leaving guild is a 4 hour wait (once reclaimed in the new guild)
  • Sending a pet back through the guild interface and then reclaiming it results in a 72 hour wait.

The wait can be avoided by purchasing instant healing with platinum.

  • 5 platinum to heal Cage 1 pets
  • 7 platinum to heal Cage 2 pets
  • 10 platinum to heal Cage 3 pets

Private Cages

If there is no more space in a cage, an additional slot can be purchased by a player for a price of platinum. The slot follows the player to each new guild they go to. These slots are called 'private cages', and more than one can be purchased.

  • 800 platinum for a Cage 1 private cage.
  • 2000 platinum for a Cage 2 private cage.
  • 4000 platinum for a Cage 3 private cage.

First cage

Second cage

Third cage

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