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Hit Modifier - increases accuracy of the specific attacks

Damage Modifier - increases dealed damage of the specific attacks


How modifiers are affecting the specfic skills

Basic skills available to all classes

Skill: Hit Modifier: Damage Modifier:
Punch physical physical
Warcry magical none
Throw ranged physical
Shot ranged physical
Melee physical physical

Archer's Skills

Skill: Hit Modifier: Damage Modifier:
Precise Shot ranged physical
Your Momma magical none
Poisoned Arrow ranged physical
Sharpened Senses none none
Fire Arrow ranged physical
Sand In Eyes physical physical
Strategic Shot ranged physical
Ice Arrow ranged physical
The Hail of Arrows ranged physical

Sheed's Skills

Skill: Hit Modifier: Damage Modifier:
Left Right physical physical
Front Kick physical physical
Breath Control none none
Severe Punch physical physical
Liver Punch physical none
Flying Knee physical physical
Evasion none none
Haduoken ranged magical
Chi Punch physical physical

Barbarian's Skills

Skill: Hit Modifier: Damage Modifier:
Headbutt physical physical
Two-handed Strike physical physical
Ram physical physical
Thick Skin none none
Gnawing physical physical
Fury none none
Infection magical physical
Roar magical none
Critical Strike physical physical

Knight's Skills

Skill: Hit Modifier: Damage Modifier:
Quick Sash physical physical
Aimed Hit physical physical
Shield Block none none
Trance none none
Protection none none
Mighty Blow physical physical
Purity Aura none none
Sacrifice none none
Power of Unity none none

Voodoo's Skills

Skill: Hit Modifier: Damage Modifier:
Piercing Doll magical magical
Pinned Eye magical magical
Devouring Soul physical none
Ripped Stomach magical magical
Poisoning magical none
Shadow Strike ranged magical
Stupefaction magical none
Shadow Aura magical none
Death Revelation magical none

Fire Mage's Skills

Skill: Hit Modifier: Damage Modifier:
Magical Spark ranged magical
Fire Vulnerability magical none
Fire Shield none none
Incantation none none
Cold Resistance none none
Arson physical physical
Fireball ranged magical
Firestorm ranged magical
Meteorite ranged magical

Healer's Skills

Skill: Hit Modifier: Damage Modifier:
Healing none magical
Dispel none none
Swarm magical magical
Blending In none none
Restoration none none
Bash physical physical
Spring of Nature none none
Mass Heal none magical
Roots magical magical

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