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Ordinary Opponents

These are mobs that do not drop rares or epics but are found on most maps. Can be spawned with quests or tasks.


These are special mobs that drop rares and also may drop epics. In most cases they are the final mob in certain instances.


These are special mobs that spawn on certain maps that drop set items and sometimes epics. They do not drop ordinary rares and are not found in instants.

Enemies with Special Circumstances

Some mobs, bosses, or champs in this game are exceptions to the definitions previously listed or may have special circumstances surrounding their spawns or situations.

  • Wendigo - spawns like a champ instead of in a run instant. Drops rares and epics, but not sets.
  • Amorpha - is a champion within an instant that is attainable by killing the Drowned Dead champion. Does not drop rares, but does drop sets. Does not spawn at random intervals like an ordinary champion.
  • Greater Hawk - spawns similar to a champion, outside of instants. Drops rares and epics, but not sets.

Conditions of Mob Aggressiveness/List of Common Aggro Markers

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