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A variety of modifications can be made to your equipment. Modifications require many components that you will have to buy from NPCs or make. The currently available modifications are:

  • Upgrading items
  • Changing color and appearance
  • Melting Rare items
  • Charging items

These processes use the modification window, which can be accessed by talking to an appropriate NPC, these NPCs will be listed in the modification sub-catagories below.




It is possible to add stats to an item by upgrading it. To do this you will need the following:

  • Upgradation flask,
  • Inhibitor,
  • Gold,
  • Item that you want to upgrade,
  • Reol(optional) - increases item durability for one upgrade
  • Dvigg(optional) - increases chance of SUPER upgrade by 1%

When you have all of the necessary components you need to go to Voberg in Trentis, Zohar in Alaril, or Borghilde in Kholds' Town, to upgrade the equipment with their help.

Success chance

  • Upgrade +1 - 95% chance (97%)
  • Upgrade +2 - 85% chance (95%)
  • Upgrade +3 - 75% chance (85%)
  • Upgrade +4 - 65% chance (75%)
  • Upgrade +5 - 50% chance (60%)
  • Upgrade +6 - 40% chance (50%)
  • Upgrade +7 - 30% chance (40%)
  • Upgrade +8 - 20% chance (30%)
  • Upgrade +9 - 10% chance (20%)
  • Upgrade + 11 - 10% chance (20%)

Standard chance

(Chance with Essence)

  • Increasing the chance of upgrade success - this can be achieved by using an additional component during the upgrade process - Essence. It increases the success chance by 10% (except for the +1 upgrade, where chances are increased by 2%).
  • The Risk of loss of upgrades - Equipment has a specific durability. If the upgrade process fails, then this durability determines the chances of the item being degraded.
  • Chance of double upgrade - There is 2 % chance of getting a double upgrade. For example: a +2 stats upgrade instead of +1.
  • Extra stats - item will get extra stats if upgraded high enough - it doesn't work for destruction flasks.
Upgrade lvl Minor flasks Flasks Major flasks
+1 1 1 1
+2 1 1 1
+3 1 1 1
+4 1 1 1
+5 1 1 1
+6 1 1 2
+7 1 2 2
+8 2 2 3
+9 2 2 3
+10 2 3 4
+n 2 3 4

Change of color and appearance

You can change your equipment's appearance and/or colour by using special components and your artistic skills.

Change of appearance

Change of appearance

You can totally change the appearance of a piece of equipment to look like another piece of equipment. In order to do this you will need to buy Morph (currently avaible from Voberg in Trentis, Zohar in Alaril, or Borghilde in Kholds' Town). This is placed into the modification window causing two new slots to appear. In left slot you place the item that you wish to change the appearance of, and in right slot place the item that has the appearance that you want to give to the first one. Through this process you can make any item look like another item from the game, provided that these two pieces of equipment are of the same type (weapon should be same type (one/two-handed and same kind -you can only morph knife to knife, stick to stick, sword to sword, axe to axe, etc.) Note that these changes are cosmetic only, the item will retain its own stats, but will take the model of the other item.

WARNING!!! Equipment in the right slot (the appearance you want your item to take) will be irreversibly destroyed!!!

To change the appearance you need to have:

  • Item that you want to change.
  • Item that you want the first item to look like.
  • Gold.
  • Morph.

Change of color

Change of color

Changing the color of a piece of equipment can be performed by Voberg in Trentis, Zohar in Alaril, or Borghilde in Kholds' Town. From them you can also buy Pigment, that will help you to do this. After placing the components in the modification window three bars will be presented, by moving these you can set the new color. There is no point to changing the color of items that are not visible on the screen while travelling or fighting.

To change color you need to have:

  • Item that you want to change.
  • Gold.
  • Pigment.

WARNING!!! Please keep in mind that the new colour will vanish if you later change the item's appearance using the method mentioned above. If you wish both then change appearance first and colour second!!!

Melting Rare items

Melting Rare items

All items from Rare items and Sets can be melted into Essence. This is later needed to charge some items, and can be used to increase the success chances of upgrades. Only Rare items and Sets can be melted. To do this you need to have an Extractor, that you can buy for gold from Voberg in Trentis, Zohar in Alaril, or Borghilde in Kholds' Town. How many Essences you will get from the melted items depends on their degree.

To melt items we need to have:

  • Rare item that we want to melt WARNING!!! The melted Rare will be irreversibly destroyed!!!
  • Extractor

Gain of Essence

Degree of the melted item An additional Essence from: Extras from adding an Inhibitor*
Damaged Rare Undamaged Rare Fixed Rare
I - III 1 1 1 +30%
IV 1 1 1 +30%
V 4 4 4 +30%
VI 8 8 8 +30%
VII 15 15 15 +30%
VIII 30 30 30 +30%
IX 40 40 40 +30%
X 55 55 55 +30%
XI 80 80 80 +30%
XII 120 120 120 +30%

*An added Inhibitor must have the same or better degree as the item being melted.

Charging Equipment

Equipment charging

Epic items and Psychorares must be charged in order to give it's owner special powers. To do this, you need to place Manamer, Essence and the desired item into the modification window. Every charge needs 7 Essences and one Manamer and will add only a bit of the item's power. To increase the effect you can add an Inhibitor with the same or better degree as the item being be charged. Charging can be performed by Voberg in Trentis, Zohar in Alaril, or Borghilde in Kholds' Town.

WARNING!!! Without inhibitor it's impossible to charge an item to 100%

To charge an item you need:

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