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Platinum is special currency, it can make game-play easier and faster.

  • Inhibitors for equipment upgrade.
  • Premium Options.
  • Cheaper equipment in shops.
  • Fix equipment is cheaper and makes white items platinum (death can't take such items).
  • Pets.
  • Change color and appearance of equipment with Morph and Pigment.
  • Extend friends list.

How to get platinum

You can get platinum in many ways:

  • Participation in tournaments.
  • Friend invite.
  • Provision from referrals.
  • From lvling up you will get platinum at lvl: 15, 20, 30, 40...
  • Buy for real money. To do it, you need to open Settings and then you should click Add Platinum. Note: Purchasable platinum comes in boxes of 50 platinum only. There are no bigger or smaller boxes.
  • E-mail activation.

Platinum trade between players

  • Most safe way to buy platinum is to buy Big chest of Platinum, box are used in trade like normal items. Platinum can be traded only when it is in chest.
  • When you buy platinum with SMS you give other player code.
  • When you buy platinum with bank transfer, you need to give other players nickname in transaction details.


Gold is main value in The Pride of Taern, you can get gold when you:


A coin mined in Imperial mint. It can be used to pay for various services and items within the Empire of Haligard and their protectorates (The Protectorate of Alaril).

Using Emperors

Emperors can be used to:

How to get Emperors

You can get them by:

  • Buy for gold (90k for 25) or platinum (6 for 25 emperors) from NPC: Official, Lesgar, Herevald, Berer.
  • Trade with other players.
  • Randomly with daily roll before level 100 (Premium II or higher)


Ducats are a currency that is only used in the region of Beirn and can be used to trade for a couple useful items.

  • 100 ducats for a reol, an item that temporarily increases durability for one upgrade.
  • 70 ducats for a dvigg, an item that temporarily increases the chance for a SUPER upgrade.
  • 100 ducats for a ring of teleportation, which is used to enter the Admiral Utor instance.

How to get Ducats

Ducats can be earned by:

  • Completing daily quests in Beirn, such as Harpy Tears and Stasek's Bull.
  • Killing mobs in Beirn: tick, lesser hawk, will o the wisp, and yak.
  • Hunting champions and bosses in Beirn
  • Randomly with daily roll after level 100 (Premium II and higher)

Event Money

This type of currency is available only during special events.

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