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All kinds of animals can fight at your side. You can't control them directly but they are still quite helpful, especially when it turns out that your opponent is stronger then you thought. You can buy them from one of the trainers (you can retrieve them from where you bought them in case of their untimely death).

Every time you want to retrieve your pet you will need to spend the same amount of gold and platinum as when you bought them. You don't need to spend anything when you want to get your pet back after using the option "Send Back".


Pets - settings

  • Activation / deactivation of pet - You can toggle your pet on and off by clicking on the dot at the top of the screen with the icon showing your pet. Green dot - pet will take a part in combat with you, Red dot - pet is deactivated.
  • Rename - Click on the icon for your pet at the top of the screen and edit the default name of your pet, then click the "Save" button (the name is in green at the top of your pet's settings window).
  • Flee - Click on the icon of your pet at the top of the screen and then at the bottom of the settings window you can adjust the amount of your pet's HP that he will attempt to flee at. Click "Save" to save these changes. If the pet's HP decreases below the defined value then he will flee in the next round, even if he has been healed. The pet will flee in the next round even if the player has been killed or has also fled.
  • Leaving the group - You can send your pet away, but note that you will have the ability to retrieve it (for free) only from the trainer from which the pet was purchased.

Death of a pet

Death of a pet can occur in the following cases:

  • An ordinary death in battle (even though you may have set flee for a certain amount of HP, the pet may die if he receives too much damage before he has a chance to escape).
  • If the pet does not manage to flee after a player dies or flees.
  • Guild pets can die from starvation if there is no enough food for them.

How can you protect your pet from death?

  • Deactivating it (click on the dot at the top of the screen to make it red), so that the pet will not take part in our battles.
  • Setting the pet to flee after a decrease in the amount of your pet's HP below a given value. However, remember that the pet can be killed before he manage to escape.

How to get a pet back?

  • You have to go back to the trainer from which you bought your pet, and buy it again. You can purchase a premium option for platinum so that you can get your pet back from any trainer who sells pets.

Gaining experience and levels

Some pets have the opportunity to gain experience in combat, and thus increase their levels and their statistics.

  • Pets gain experience in combat, but do not earn it from quests.
  • Death of the pet removes some experience just as it does for the player.
  • Pets that are promoted to higher levels gain extra points to their statistics which are distributed automatically (usually only HP grows).
  • Pets get the bonus experience from a premium account.
  • Pets can get exp from various tasks. There are three 24-hour daily tasks in which pets gain exp.
  • Trainer stones give pets 22000 experience when traded.

List of pets

Guild pets

To read about guild pets go to - Guild Pets

One-time pets

To read about trained creatures or slaves go to - One-time pets

Recipe pets - Elementals

To read about self-made go to - Recipe pets

Legendary items for Pets

From version 1.22 pets can wear items. You can find list of them at Rares for Pets

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