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It is not allowed to add any content without copyright, or consent of their owner.

Administrators of Wiki Taern do not take responsibility for content posted by users.

Everyone, who add any content to Wiki Taern site agree to use and dissemination of this content by other users, and administration

It isn't allowed to:

  • Spam and flood.
  • Duplicate topics.
  • Removing pages, unless you are the author, or have the permission of the author.
  • Use words generally considered obscene / offensive / offending human dignity / vulgar language, also in the censored form (eg with "****", typos, etc.).
  • Advertise other sites, forums and games.
  • Paste links with content unrelated to the game The Pride of Taern.
  • Describe the sex scenes or deemed inappropriate / distasteful / disgusting etc.
  • Intentionally poste misleading / false information.
  • Promote of illegal content (pornography, theft, piracy, drugs, etc..), And thus placing the tips how to access such materials.
  • Impersonate Administration game / forum / wiki Taernu.
  • Place the material without the permission of the author.
  • Creating an account with the vulgar / obscene words.
  • Intentionally hide information, and manipulate it.
  • Place any material not accepted by the administration.
  • Distribution among other persons other than members of the administration pages, that content is contrary to the rules.

Administrators reserve the rights, to edit, move, or delete any content without notifying the author.

Administrators reserve the rights to change rules of Wiki Taern.

Every time when loging in user is obliged to read the rules and he declares, that he agree to abide by the rules.

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