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Summon to Instance is a new feature introduced in update 1.28.1. It allows players to summon a disconnected, or new, player to a boss instance so long as certain requirements are met. It is a paid service costing platinum for the summoner and only works on select bosses.

Requirements to Summon


Summoner's must pay platinum to summon the player. The cost varies by instant.

Boss Instant Platinum Cost
Mantis 5
Specters 3
Construct 5
Commander 8
Castle Specter 5
Tiger 5
Fyodor 5
Construct v.2 10
Valdarog 10
Nidhog 10
Vidvar 10
Vough 10
Angwalf-Htaga 50
Aqua Regis 100
Admiral 50
Lugus 100
Morana 100

Summonee Summonee's must only pay if the instance required gold or items to enter. Bosses requiring gold, items, or other, are listed below:

Boss Instant Cost Requirements
Construct 1x Cell Quest completed: Deconstruction
Commander None Quest completed: Sea of Possibilities
Castle Specter 200.000 gold OR 1x Black Pearl None
Fyodor 1x Key to the Laboratory None
GMO 1x Key to the Laboratory None
Valdarog 1x Valdarog Key None
Nidhog 5x Booze None
Vidvar 5x Booze None
Vough 5x Booze None
Angwalf-Htaga 1x Vorling Soul Quest completed: Dmorther Shadows
Aqua Regis None Quest completed: True Lies
Admiral 1x Ring of Teleportation Quest completed: Sea of Possibilities
Lugus 200x Winter Shards Quest taken/completed: Summit of Dreams*
Morana 200x Winter Shards Quest taken/completed: Summit of Dreams*
  • Summit of Dreams quest must be at the stage of killing Morana, or completed fully, for players to enter.

How to Summon

  • Summoner must insure that disconnected player has been disconnected for at least 5 minutes before continuing
  • Only one player can summon, once per instant, and they must have all the required platinum to summon
  • Players without the requirements met, or items in their inventory, cannot be summoned. Ensure all players have the required materials (as noted above) before summoning
  • The player you are summoning must be on a green or yellow zone, not in an instant, and not in jail or prologue, or summoning will fail
  • You cannot summon while in combat


  1. When in the boss instant, open the platinum menu, and stay/click on the Premium tab
  2. Click the + on 'Summon to Instant"
  3. In the window that opens, it will tell you if you can summon a player or not. If you can, type in the name of the player you are summoning and hit Send
  4. If the player is offline or does not have the needed items, requirements, or is not in the right zone, the summoning will fail.
  5. The player summoned can accept or deny the summon. If they accept, they will be teleported to the instance. If they decline, the summoning will fail.
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