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In order make learning about game's world mare easy it has been created possibility to display random tips about it.We see them during logining in, or after typing on chat /tip command.

List of the tips
  • You can lock the party to avoid unwelcome guests.
  • Mobs that are higher level than you have increased chance of dodging, successfully casting spells and hitting.
  • In most cases the higher the level of a mob, the more exp you get.
  • Your attack effectiveness is displayed in every round of combat. It depends on the number of AP assigned to the attack and on your dexterity or knowledge.
  • The strength of an attack depends only on its type and your strength, dexterity, power and knowledge.
  • AP assigned to an attack increase only its effectiveness.
  • You can flee from combat by assigning an appropriate amount of AP to the skill "Flee". You cannot flee if you're under the effect of "Roots".
  • A card is chosen randomly at every death. The extent of losses depends on your character level.
  • When you die death may take some of your equipped items. You may lose items that are damaged, undamaged or repaired with gold.
  • Dying in PVP is less punishing, you lose less experience and gold.
  • When you die you are teleported to a fixed location. These are for example: Trentis infirmary, Lesgar's Inn, Bough.
  • In some instances when you die you are teleported to a place within that instance.
  • Bosses may be found inside instances.
  • A maximum of 5 people may enter an instance. Every entry creates your own, separate instance. This means that no other party can enter your instance.
  • To respawn mobs and bosses in an instance you have to relog.
  • When your character buys or repairs equipment you bind that equipment to your character. Equipment bound to you can only be used by you.
  • You can sell equipment to a smith for 30% of its value in gold.
  • Most technical problems with the game can be solved by relogging, clearing cache or cookies.
  • Every server restart causes the game to redownload and all the regions to reload.
  • Every piece of equipment can be upgraded with a chosen stat. Upgrading manual can be found on the forum.
  • Once you buy a deposit, each character on your account can use it.
  • There are many platinum chests in the world. They contain elixirs, gold or an item that becomes bound to the character on pick up.
  • Upgrading equipment increases its market value.
  • Most mob drops can be used to upgrade equipment.
  • Tasks end when you log out.
  • Once you accept a quest you cannot cancel it or go back to a previous stage.
  • During your journeys through Taern you may find Platinum Chests which contain regeneration potions, gold or equipment.
  • Playing in a party gives you not only more fun, but also more experience points.
  • Death in PVP is not as punishing as death in PVE.
  • Most loading/logging in problems can be solved by clearing browser cache or cookies and active sessions.
  • Every piece of equipment can be upgraded with a chosen stat. Upgrading manual can be found on the forum.
  • Death can take away your equipment, but it will never take items with thier names in gray or green
  • You can escape combat using the Flee skill. One AP increases your chance to flee by 20 percent. You cannot flee if you're under the effect of "Roots".
  • In some instances if you die, you'll be revived quite close.
  • You may encounter Bosses - much stronger monsters that sometimes drop unique equipment.
  • Buying or repairing equipment in a shop will cause it to become bound.
  • To respawn mobs in an instance the whole party must relog outside of the instance.
  • AP affect only the effectiveness of an attack/defense and not its strength.
  • Logging out will cause any active Task to fail.
  • Most of items dropped by mobs can be used to create Crystal Flasks. You can use them to upgrade equipment.
  • All game elements are redownloaded after a server restart.
  • Once you buy a deposit, you can use it on all characters on your account.
  • Up to five players can enter an instance (a special type of area). Every entry is separate so you won't meet any other party once inside.
  • You'll find "lock" button in the party screen. It is used to prevent uninvited players from joining your party.
  • The strength of an attack depends on your strength/power while its effectiveness depends on your dexterity/knowledge.
  • The more powerful opponents you defeat, the more experience you get.
  • On our forum http://forum.taern.com you can report an error, propose a solution, make a suggestion, meet other players, gain in-depth knowledge of the game mechanics and see the upcoming updates.

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