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  1. (hist) ‎Can I use potions during fight? ‎[33 bytes]
  2. (hist) ‎Can equipment bound be reverse? ‎[33 bytes]
  3. (hist) ‎What makes equipment to be bounded? ‎[54 bytes]
  4. (hist) ‎Is it possible to block private messages from the player? ‎[54 bytes]
  5. (hist) ‎Does HP regenerate during fight? ‎[57 bytes]
  6. (hist) ‎Can I lose my level while I'm losing my experience? ‎[59 bytes]
  7. (hist) ‎Where can I find a list of all tasks and quests? ‎[67 bytes]
  8. (hist) ‎I'm new here, what should I know? ‎[74 bytes]
  9. (hist) ‎During task it disconnected me with the game, I lost the task, and I have to wait to take another, is this normal? ‎[75 bytes]
  10. (hist) ‎How to recognize the bounded item? ‎[78 bytes]
  11. (hist) ‎Does stamina and mana regenerate during fight? ‎[79 bytes]
  12. (hist) ‎My fight can't load, what can I do? ‎[80 bytes]
  13. (hist) ‎I have skull, how can I get rid of it? ‎[81 bytes]
  14. (hist) ‎Does death after PvP and after PvE is different? ‎[81 bytes]
  15. (hist) ‎What requirements are necessary to start task, or quest? ‎[83 bytes]
  16. (hist) ‎Chat icon blinks red, how to turn it off? ‎[84 bytes]
  17. (hist) ‎Did achivments give any bonuses? ‎[87 bytes]
  18. (hist) ‎Where can I check how much gold and experience I have got? ‎[87 bytes]
  19. (hist) ‎Where can I find a list of tasks and quests, which are active or finished? ‎[92 bytes]
  20. (hist) ‎Does Action Points affect my damage? ‎[95 bytes]
  21. (hist) ‎Status PvP itself increases / decreases. Is it normal? ‎[95 bytes]
  22. (hist) ‎Can I zoom in or out my game screen? ‎[99 bytes]
  23. (hist) ‎My debuff didn't work on 100%, why? ‎[99 bytes]
  24. (hist) ‎How to start quest / task? ‎[102 bytes]
  25. (hist) ‎How to regenerate stats after fight? ‎[108 bytes]
  26. (hist) ‎Can i trade platinium with other players? ‎[108 bytes]
  27. (hist) ‎I can't sell item, why? ‎[108 bytes]
  28. (hist) ‎The player is offline. Can I somehow write a message to him? ‎[109 bytes]
  29. (hist) ‎Is it possible to set, to notify me only about new messages on the chat types, that interest me? ‎[110 bytes]
  30. (hist) ‎How to change the number of APs? ‎[119 bytes]
  31. (hist) ‎I bought platinium, but it is not coming, what should I do? ‎[121 bytes]
  32. (hist) ‎I found a chest, but I can't open it. Why? ‎[128 bytes]
  33. (hist) ‎Can I change the position, length and width of the mobile chat? ‎[132 bytes]
  34. (hist) ‎I have configured combat strategie, but I cant use it during fight, why? ‎[133 bytes]
  35. (hist) ‎How to prevent other players from joining? ‎[134 bytes]
  36. (hist) ‎On the way to the ship I was killed and I lost all the equipment. Is it possible to get it back? ‎[139 bytes]
  37. (hist) ‎Do tasks and quests have time limits? Where can I check how much time I have left? ‎[139 bytes]
  38. (hist) ‎I have an item, but I can not wear it. Why? ‎[147 bytes]
  39. (hist) ‎Can you change the opacity of chat and font size? ‎[151 bytes]
  40. (hist) ‎I used flee, but my character didn't run away from fight, why? ‎[157 bytes]
  41. (hist) ‎How can I communicate with other players in the game? ‎[157 bytes]
  42. (hist) ‎How can I join other players? ‎[167 bytes]
  43. (hist) ‎How to write a private message? ‎[168 bytes]
  44. (hist) ‎What is an instance? ‎[172 bytes]
  45. (hist) ‎Where to buy / get new equipment? ‎[173 bytes]
  46. (hist) ‎Why I can't move or delete an item? ‎[174 bytes]
  47. (hist) ‎During PvP fight some strange monster join in, why? ‎[183 bytes]
  48. (hist) ‎Instance ‎[184 bytes]
  49. (hist) ‎Can I transfer my gold and equipment between my characters? ‎[185 bytes]
  50. (hist) ‎Some players have different colors of nicknames in chat. Why? ‎[190 bytes]
  51. (hist) ‎What are Action Points? ‎[191 bytes]
  52. (hist) ‎I didn't get platinium for recruited player, why? ‎[199 bytes]
  53. (hist) ‎Does having the skull / shield give me some bonuses? ‎[200 bytes]
  54. (hist) ‎What determines the color of the skull / shield? ‎[204 bytes]
  55. (hist) ‎How can I gather raw materials? Do I need some special skill for it? ‎[206 bytes]
  56. (hist) ‎Why some players have shields / skulls above head? ‎[206 bytes]
  57. (hist) ‎How to change weapon during the fight? ‎[207 bytes]
  58. (hist) ‎What does it mean that the item is bounded to a character? ‎[211 bytes]
  59. (hist) ‎How to fix equipment? ‎[215 bytes]
  60. (hist) ‎How can I use potions? ‎[221 bytes]
  61. (hist) ‎What is platinium and what benefits does it give? ‎[225 bytes]
  62. (hist) ‎What is the difference between the Task of the Quest? ‎[226 bytes]
  63. (hist) ‎Can I attack other players everywhere? ‎[228 bytes]
  64. (hist) ‎Where can I sell items? ‎[231 bytes]
  65. (hist) ‎Warn ‎[234 bytes]
  66. (hist) ‎How to run away from fight? ‎[234 bytes]
  67. (hist) ‎Why I can't develop some skills? ‎[238 bytes]
  68. (hist) ‎What are armors and resistances? ‎[241 bytes]
  69. (hist) ‎How to increase my damage? ‎[242 bytes]
  70. (hist) ‎Can I lose items after fight? ‎[243 bytes]
  71. (hist) ‎Jail ‎[253 bytes]
  72. (hist) ‎Gag ‎[266 bytes]
  73. (hist) ‎How to earn gold? ‎[272 bytes]
  74. (hist) ‎NewHome ‎[273 bytes]
  75. (hist) ‎I was resting and my stats were full but during fight they are empty again, why? ‎[275 bytes]
  76. (hist) ‎What is the PvP status and how to check it? ‎[299 bytes]
  77. (hist) ‎I need platinium, how can I get it? ‎[308 bytes]
  78. (hist) ‎What is the order of actions during fight? ‎[312 bytes]
  79. (hist) ‎Knebel ‎[317 bytes]
  80. (hist) ‎Why some of the monsters attack me? ‎[332 bytes]
  81. (hist) ‎How to activate and develop skills? ‎[341 bytes]
  82. (hist) ‎Can I configure combat strategies, and how to activate them? ‎[370 bytes]
  83. (hist) ‎How to trade with other players? ‎[409 bytes]
  84. (hist) ‎Can I upgrade equipment? How? ‎[459 bytes]
  85. (hist) ‎Ravine's Band ‎[465 bytes]
  86. (hist) ‎What are the types of chat and what are they for? ‎[499 bytes]
  87. (hist) ‎Orcs' Forest ‎[507 bytes]
  88. (hist) ‎Maps ‎[548 bytes]
  89. (hist) ‎Intmaps ‎[549 bytes]
  90. (hist) ‎Mayarot ‎[617 bytes]
  91. (hist) ‎Griv ‎[631 bytes]
  92. (hist) ‎Debba ‎[643 bytes]
  93. (hist) ‎Rivet ‎[643 bytes]
  94. (hist) ‎Navigon ‎[643 bytes]
  95. (hist) ‎Anabolic ‎[648 bytes]
  96. (hist) ‎How to attack monster / player? ‎[649 bytes]
  97. (hist) ‎Ayol ‎[649 bytes]
  98. (hist) ‎Uguns ‎[658 bytes]
  99. (hist) ‎Breeze ‎[659 bytes]
  100. (hist) ‎Haunch ‎[659 bytes]

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