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What are potions of regeneration?

These potions are used to regenerate stats like HP, Mana and Stamina. They are irreplaceable on red, and violet fields, where you cant rest, or when you are in hurry, and don't want to wait.

How to use them?

To use potions go to your equipment (various items) you have to drag potion, and drop it on your character. Do it as many times, as many potions you want to use. You can't use potions during combat.

How to get potions of regeneration?

  • Buying them for platinium from Settings - Options (1 platinium - 9 elixirs).
  • Buying them for platinium from Gina and Zohar.
  • From platinium chests (platinium key is needed, to open them).
  • Dropping from some mobs.
  • Exchanging them at Hoberl the Witch, or Gina.
  • From lottery (premium users only).
  • Making them.

How to make potions:

10 Mikstures at Gina for 1x Herbal potion + 1x Spider’s Eggs + 50 gold

10 Elixirs at Lukas Landau for 1x Medium Acid Anhydride + 5x A Bottle of Sea Water + 3200 gold

Types of potions

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