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The Pride of Taern

Taern is a MMORPG game made in flash technology, but unlike other "via www" games it is much more expansive. Many things such as creatures, locations, bosses, quests, items etc are continuously being added. The plot is set in a medieval fantasy world, where your character is a fugitive from his war-torn country. Your goal is to evolve by gaining new powers, equipment, and friends, so that you may one day regain your homeland.

What are the reasons to play The Pride of Taern?

  • Great, innovative system of combat.
  • Original quests, that lead the player into the vibe of the game world.
  • Interesting plot.
  • Superb graphics, reminiscent of legendary RPG games like Baldur's Gate, or Icewind Dale.
  • Well-kept spirit of the game - mechanics and plot are well combined.
  • Skilled and well-liked crew of administrators.
  • Helpful players.
  • Frequent events.
  • Player opinions are taken into account when making game changes.
  • Simple and fast access to help from game staff.
  • A high level of culture maintained in the chat.
  • Great music and sounds that adapt to the environment.
  • A very extensive system of guilds.

How do I get started with The Pride of Taern?


It's easy because you can play with any browser, without the need to install anything. Just go to The Pride of Taern and register by completing the required fields to create an account. When you finish that the next step is to create a character (you can create as many characters as you wish). After choosing a server, appearance, class and statistics we are moved to the prologue location. The creators made ​​sure that from the beginning you will have plenty of tasks to do. Requirements: Web Browser, Flash Player installed.

Wiki Taern

Wiki Taern is an official site dedicated to The Pride of Taern game and as such it is an integral part of it, that's why you can share links from the wiki inside the game without fear of being punished (if the content of the page complies with the rules of the game and wiki). However you should keep in mind that every registered user can add and edit topics, which can lead to the occurrence of false information, or even dangerous content, that is why we advise you to pay attention to redirections in external links. None of the members of the administration will EVER ask you to give your password to either the wiki or the game. On the Wiki site you will never find anything that has to be downloaded.

You have questions? You've found false info, or a typo in a secure zone? You've got ideas for modernizing the Wiki? Have you found some content on the wiki that is inconsistent with the In-Game rules? Or maybe you would like to help in creating the Wiki site? If yes, contact with any of the administrators.

Current administrators: Rzuffi Eppy

Rules of Wiki Taern


See also:
  • AFK - Away from keyboard
  • AP - Action Points
  • Buff - positive spell cast on us
  • Debuff - negative spell cast on opponents
  • Exp - Experience
  • Gold - Primary currency
  • HP - Health Points
  • Knebel - (mute) Type of punishment on chat
  • MOB - Enemy
  • NPC - Non-Playing Character
  • Platinum - Additional currency
  • PvE - Player versus Environment
  • PvP - Player versus Player
  • Rare - Rare equipment
  • Warn - Type of punishment on chat

The owner of is Whitemoon System Krzysztof Danilewicz, with it's registered office at 50-117 Wrocław, ul. Igielna 14-15/2, NIP: 897-169-52-62, REGON: 020740661

Elements of the game

First steps Classes, their skills and stats
When starting our adventure with The Pride of Taern we should keep in mind that the game is quite demanding. To make it easier many tips and useful bits of information have been placed under the following topics: Basic infos, Tip of the day, FAQ, Exp table.
Fire mage main.jpg
When creating a new character you have to choose one of the seven classes: Barbarian, Knight, Sheed, Healer, Fire Mage, Archer, Voodoo. Every one of them has 9 unique skills. Before we make a choice it is a good idea to check it's skills, pros, and cons, because we won't be able to change our class after that (unless we start over from the beginning).

Maps Modification of equipment
Hiking through the world of Taern means exploring many different lands. What makes this easier is the fact that entering new locations is not limited by your level, but only by whether you can survive or avoid the creatures that will attack you there. Main locations are Haligard's Shore, Island, Southern Alaril, Kholds' Forest, Kholds' Town, Orcs' Forest, Dmorther Massif.
A wide variety of changes can be made to the equipment you will use. These changes usually require all sorts of components, that you must buy or gather. Modifications available at the moment are: Upgrading, Changing color and appearance, Melting Rares and Charging. If you possess all of the necsesary components you can then go to Voberg in Trentis, Zohar in Alaril, or Borghilde in Kholds' Town, to modify your equipment with their help.

NPCs Quests
NPC - (non-player character) You can find them almost everywere, many of them give Quests, Tasks and produce Upgradation flasks and Inhibitors
You can get these from NPCs. Usually there is a great reward for finishing them. Quests can be long, and sometimes you will need a friend's help to finish them. You can do them only once on each character, and it's important to pay attention, because you may fail some of them.

Tasks Pets
Tasks - Short and small, you can get them from NPCs. This can be a good form of getting some exp, gold and sometimes raw materials. You can repeat the same task over and over, but there are some time limits. First is the time left to finish a task, then there is the time that you need to wait before you can get another one.
Pets - All kinds of animals can fight at your side. You can't control them directly but they are still quite helpful, especially when it turns out that your opponent is stronger then you thought. You can buy them from one of the trainers (you can retrieve them from where you bought them in case of their untimely death).

Mobs Legendary items

Monsters (Mob) - A general term for all kinds of enemies that you will have to face in Taern. Apart from ordinary mobs we have also bosses, and champions.

Legendary items - hard to get items that give huge power to those who possess them. They are divided into Rare items, Epic items and Sets. They are dropped by bosses and champions.

Raw materials Guilds
Herbal potion.jpeg
These are needed in order to expand your guild, or produce Upgradation flasks. There are many ways to acquire these including gathering, exchange, completing tasks, as drops from mobs, and also purchasing from NPCs.
Even the strongest warriors don't stand a chance against a horde of peasants, that is why it is important not to walk alone through world, but face adversity together with companions. Everybody knows that there is safety in numbers, your guild will help to protect one another.